…distinct personal signature 

Blak Dutch Paint is advancing an individual discipline to create the new possibilites;


…standing on a  dizzying and magical threshold with opportunities for explosive growth ,freedom of colorful thought  on how the  emerging societies will look like on an unfolding canvass,wth a soft enough  impact that breaks through  to the future….


A single flower can capture the energy of the paintbrush and the magic of possibilities slides on over  oil   to the hearts of open roads, rich with wanton colour ,bursting with laughter and fervour;brush and paint- life taking off on its own.

…so primitive and wild, the  paint slides on with earthly  colaboration ,on, and over low  energy and negative emissions,while,seperating  out dated views ,and filling in,positives,  then re- joining  the perspectives of the unsuspecting global shifting canvass.all goes together for a soft landing of sense and non meaning

a next new language is stepping out ,lifting the veil of shadows and illusions…a call,once upon time that was silent, now has a clear voice that is resilient.


…BlakDutch Painta was passing

through  the other world equation


focused on looking within,,


hoping to discover that thing

which has no rational explanation,


instead ,


the painta found himself hovering in orbit,

`over green fields, of verdant  harmony

so tranquil and still

he decided to follow his own will…

he dared to look without

and soon heard a  shout

greetings  came out his mouth


he was not


An Artiste may earn a living out of the thin air,Albeit a colour -fullscreen one

With an explicit aim to find a sustainable and amiable way of merging colours that may easily blend into the bigger picture of frames of what is happening now …talking about placing your heart in preserving your treasure

Which is the pristine earth you troll on
The planet can benefit from this model of freedom and harmonious evasion of conflict and confusion that now rules the world.

How to compliment our erratic climate changes?
Can we learn from art minded citizens?
The government may soon try to curtail the talent ,which is a pool of creative and commercial abundance …
So open the stilted art market.